Redions Technologies

The Challenge

As a result of rapid growth and fresh initiatives, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund was struggling to transfer thousands of its existing trades to its newly launched fund. In addition to this, the process happened to be a redundant monthly practice that needed trades to be booked at the start of the month and posted right when the markets open. This overall situation gave the hedge fund managers a very small window for completing the mammoth tasks of trading.

The Solution

We solved this problem by creating a custom tool called Position Transfer and implanting it within the existing trade-booking system. The tool can be triggered either automatically or manually, and can be used to book over tens of thousands of trades (of different types of assets) in mere minutes. It also affords the user an option to bulk-review, revert or post to external systems such as Imagine and IceLink. In addition, users can also use the tool to send trade files to their proper custodians. The tool offers complete audit and monitoring facility while keeping all the trade features intact.

The Benefits

  • The tool supported the rapid growth and funding of new entities in the system.
  • It reduced operational risk by having the entire process automated.
  • It gave fund managers the required flexibility essential for running on-demand transfers.

Technologies Used

Microsoft dot net framework and SQL server.